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Place for visit

Bukchon, (North Village)

Bukchon, (North Village). The collective name of the few tiny suburbs (‘dong’) wedged between Gyeongbuk Palace and the Secret Garden, just north of Insadong and Anguk Station. This area was where relatives of the royal family, high public officials and other important families lived for over 500 years as they serviced …

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Changdeok-gung(창덕궁,昌德宮), 99 Yulgong-ro, Jongno-gu (Metro Line 3, Anguk station 5 min walk or Line 1, 3, 5 Jongno-3ga Station). This palace is second only to Gyeongbok-gung (the original Gyeongbok-gung was built before Changdeok-gung but wasn’t used for as long a time) in historical importance, this was first built in 1405 and was the …

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Deoksu-gung (덕수궁,德壽宮) , (subway City Hall). Located in downtown Seoul across the street from City Hall, Deoksu Palace vividly contrasts to the other nearby palaces like Changdeok Palace. Built during the mid-fifteenth century, the architecture of the buildings inside are heavily influenced with Western designs. Hence, you will see a fusion of both …

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 Gyeongbok-gung (경복궁,景福宮), Yulgukno (subway Gyeongbokgung or Gwanghwamun). This is Seoul’s grandest Joseon Dynasty-era palace and the seat of power for centuries before it was razed in 1592 by a Japanese invasion (and again by the Japanese in 1910). This was the first palace used by the Joseon Dynasty. Large parts have now been …

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The popularity of contents made in Japan which are Manga, Anime and Kawaii fashion will help to increase interest in Japan and Japanese culture abroad. Currently, these Japanese original contents are called “COOL JAPAN”, and gain worldwide acclaim, and then established as the one of the best known Japanese culture. …

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The Temple of Heaven

The Temple of Heaven ,Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest at Temple of Heaven in Beijing. Originally built in 1420, and rebuilt in 1889, this hall is for praying for good harvest. The building is made of wood. It has 4 pillars in the center, which symbolize for the 4 seasons, …

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