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LIFE x DESIGN at The 83rd Tokyo International Gift Show Spring 2017



Our company, Japan Fashion Association, supported the Tokyo International Gift Show LIFE x DESIGN show, taking place in East Hall 1~3 of Tokyo Big Sight from February 1~3. It opened on the theme “New Trends in Lifestyle Design for People and Living.”



The halls were comprised of several sections, mainly lifestyle, materials, up-and-coming creators, design items, Japanese manufacturing, and renovation. There were special areas of the trade show, such as a Halloween Goods Zone, as well as a ‘glamping’ set-up. “Glamping” fuses “glamour” with “camping,” and the “Glamping” zone at LIFE x DESIGN allowed for visitors to take a camp-style break while being able to look around at the “glamping” –related products that were on display. In addition to the special areas and various home and lifestyle products being showcased on display, there was a DIY session and a textile demonstration.




LIFE x DESIGN was presented in the context of an increasing world focus on Japanese design and manufacturing, due to the upcoming Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Currently, there are several challenges that the home-related industry in Japan is facing: an increase in vacant apartments and houses, and a decrease in birth rate is leading to problems with a shortage of workers, and successors, in the country.


LIFE x DESIGN offers up as a solution the enrichment of home life, which could help IMG_7418stimulate the home-related industry and design market. Additionally, it proposes a way of thinking, encompassed by the slogan “Like Changing Clothes, Furnish House with Your Sense.” The idea is proposing a lifestyle that appeals to a wide range of people, which could be cultivated by designing homes in a way that suits residents’ lifestyles, and placing importance on the home and manufacturing.










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